Travel in Art is travel as Art, a journey with Art but also a journey in Art. We chose as the first stop of our own trip, the beautiful and fascinating island of Syros. Travel in Art is a NON PROFIT, SOCIAL COOPERATIVE ENTERPRISE.
We want the “trip”, as everyone understands it, to be a trip of experiential experience, which concerns the daily life of the inhabitants of Syros, their living tradition, their daily habits and everything that comes from the near or distant past and contributed to shaping their lifestyle.
We are not concerned with mass tourism, but with experience. The experience is about the place and its people and only we here at Travel In Art want to create deep, true, experiential experiences. For this reason, we address slow travelers, who want to connect with the place and its arts, its environment, its culture, its people. To take, but also to give. Specialized tourism scientists, local professionals, scientists, will make sure these experiences are unforgettable and unique. That they are real.

Syros as an inspiration

The culture of Syros is in itself a living experience that we want to convey to those who choose to “travel” with us. It is the morphology of the space, the environment, its urban history, its archaeological sites and its museums, its peculiar religious tradition with the coexistence of the Orthodox and Catholic elements in absolute balance and reconciliation, its environment, its music and its musicians, its arts, its great industrial heritage, its gastronomy and wine knowledge, its food traditions, its daily habits.

Our main aim is that all our offered services respond to specific quality criteria, which will preserve the unique identity of the place, but will also return back to it what those who will travel with us carry in their luggage. We are particularly interested in the environmental footprint of visitors and the maintenance of visitation to the island throughout the year, thus giving incentives to the local population not to leave their place. Much more, we at Travel In Art, attach importance to the respect of visitors to the island and its inhabitants, but also to the social return of the tourist activity and the services we will offer.


Our world changes and transforms at rates and ways that are hard to understand and we often follow life without really living it, without really seeing our neighbor and the beauty around us. This reality alienates people from the environment, their neighbors and their true self and reinforces discrimination and exclusion.
This reality, for us at Travel In Art, is a challenge to create conditions and activities that will empower and reconcile individuals with themselves, will awaken and sensitize our collective consciousness, so that all kinds of discrimination will be reduced and gradually be annihilated.
We believe that traveling through Art in all its forms, in open dialogue with science and culture, is the means to achieve our goals and spread our vision, for a truly inclusive society, where each member will find his inner balance and growth.


Our vision is for Travel in Art in Syros (and wherever it operates in the future), to be

  • a cultural, quality, experiential experience destination for travelers and artists from around the world.
  • a hUB of cultural, educational activities, which are inclusive and accessible to all (disabled, children, elderly, animals, families and special categories of citizens who are in a disadvantaged position)
  • providing quality tourist experiences with the aim of our contribution to the sustainable development of Syros.

The dream chasers…

We travel, we always travel. We are keepers of memory and creators of myths and fairy tales.

ἔνθα κύων κεῖτ᾿ Ἄργος, ἐνίπλειος κυνοραιστέων. δὴ τότε γ᾿, ὡς ἐνόησεν Ὀδυσσέα ἐγγὺς ἐόντα, οὐρῇ μέν ῥ᾿ ὅ γ᾿ ἔσηνε καὶ οὔατα κάββαλεν ἄμφω, ἆσσον δ᾿ οὐκέτ᾿ ἔπειτα δυνήσατο οἷο ἄνακτος ἐλθέμεν: αὐτὰρ ὁ νόσφιν ἰδὼν ἀπομόρξατο δάκρυ…

We dream and create

Making the new myths

Living with Fidel
The relationship between a child and a cat as inspiration for creation!

The touching relationship that develops between a child and a cat, becomes an inspiration for the creation of a unique film.

Angels Rehearsal
The angels are already here on Earth singing with us!

Angels exist as long as we exist. Such a beautiful song performed by an angelic voice

Different Angels
Performance on the stage of the Teatro Regio in Parma!

Another world. 7 Νοεμβρίου 2022, παράσταση στην σκηνή του Teatro Regio στην Πάρμα με αφορμή την 26η έκδοση του “DanzaStorie.

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