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Paul Blaim

We are a team of people who never stopped dreaming.

The Travel-In-Art team

Co-founder of Travel in Art™, President

Social Designer and linguistic mediator, I have developed circular economy formats and projects on an international level, with mature experience in the management of hospitality, catering (food&beverage), meetings and conventions, events (public and private), communication and operational marketing. A creator of educational and cultural formats, with a predilection for artistic disciplines (including music and singing), in recent years she has specialised in the Third Sector and promoted non-profit projects.

Co-founder of Travel In Art, Travel-in Art Manager -Language Mediator

Teacher of Italian as L2, I am David. I was born in Rome in 1967 and have lived in Greece since 2000, on the island of Syros, the capital of the Cyclades. I have taught Italian to children, students, university students, civil servants and freelancers, always with the awareness that I was the one learning. Teaching, in fact, I always believed it was the best way to learn. In being part of the group of professionals who created Travel In Art, I saw the opportunity to realize, in my own sphere, what had been my dream since I was a boy: to educate and educate through cultural and linguistic mediation. Because, I believe, the meaning of travelling is precisely the encounter and knowledge of the other: a person, a place, a culture, another language, another worldview. Only in this way can we meet the Genius Loci, the spirit of the place and return home being our better shelves!

Co-founder of Travel In Art Strategy & Communication Manager

Travel designer specializing in educational tourism, I have a significant experience in management, service design and team building in academia. I have worked in the field of strategy and communication, both in the private and public sector, as well as in the organization and implementation of cultural-social projects. I have gained significant experience from my volunteer work in non-profit organizations and cultural groups, with a main focus on organizing volunteer groups, coaching and mentoring volunteers. I have enjoyed being actively involved in the community since childhood, thanks to the example that my parents were for me. I have many artistic interests, including music and photography. My participation in Travel-In-Art, is a journey into life as I dream it for everyone. Joyful, bright, filled with Art and inclusive.

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Youth Center

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