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Summer Art Schools byTravel-in-Art

Painting, Fairy Tales, Play, Love and Joy in beautiful Syros, by Travel in Art

If you enjoy painting JOIN us this July, on a magical journey to Art!

In the painting classes for children, we will experience magical hours with colours, the scent of summer and carefree, play and fairy tales, the best ground to cultivate knowledge, in a nutshell. Our main goal is joy, love and friendship and our tools are colours, paintings, fairy tales, visual play, making things with nature materials and laughter.

Through painting and play, we will meet artists who loved and painted the sea, we will travel through the history of art and our own, small or big stories!

We will make our own fairy tales and paint them! We will paint our dreams and summers, we will improvise, we will collaborate but we will also have the opportunity to concentrate on our work. Our joy and good mood will lead us on the path of creation!

What I will need to bring with me:

  1. Two watercolour blocks No 4
  2. A watercolour palette with 12 colours
  3. A pencil and an eraser
  4. A large UHU stick.

The materials and equipment for creating the paper and watercolour paints, the infinite love for colours, painting, summer, the sea and diving, are provided by the teacher.

Teacher and companion in this dreamy journey will be the visual artist and illustrator of fairy tales Stefania Veldemiri. Here you can see her work: portfolio

Course Duration: Saturday 13 July-Saturday 20 July 2024

Course hours: 10.00am – 13.00pm & 17.00- 20.00

Course cost: 250 e

Registration until 08/07/2024

Registration information at

A certificate of attendance will be given.

*Courses are offered in Greek and English

Places are limited, so register now!