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If you enjoy painting and want to explore the magical world of watercolour, join us this July, in the beautiful island of Syros, in Cyclades, Greece!

Watercolour is a magical material, a wild and tender artistic medium that has high levels of self-expression and keeps its secrets well, until the moment you decide to love it so much that it reveals everything to you slowly.

Our course will be a journey into the world of watercolour. We will create our own handmade paper, with the ambition to create a visual notebook using the Japanese bookbinding technique , make watercolour paints for which we will use shells for palettes and paint while exploring the basic techniques of watercolour. We will move around in nature, to experiment with the materials it will give us.

Most importantly: we will be next to the magical sea,the sea that will accompany us, inspire us, cool us and season our works with its salt. The salt of life! For the painting lessons we will use both the materials we make ourselves, as well as watercolour papers and watercolour paints from the palettes we may already have. At the end of the course, there will be an exhibition of our works at Travel in Art, in the historical settlement of Foinikas, Syros!

Our ambition is to start a small community of people who love painting, colours, the sea, summer and Syros! The return to the place for new paintings, potential friendships and love, is the fulfillment of the dream.

What you will need to bring with you:

  1. One watercolor block in any dimension you want up to 35X50cm
  2. 2 watercolour papers 50X70 cm 200g to 300g.
  3. A palette of watercolour colours

If you don’t already have any of these, you can buy them on the island, thus supporting the local community, as there are two specialized shops, in the field of painting and graphic design.

The materials and equipment for creating the paper and watercolour paints, the infinite love for colours, painting, summer, the sea and diving, are provided by the teacher.

Teacher and companion in this dreamy journey will be the visual artist and illustrator of fairy tales Stefania Veldemiri. Here you can enjoy her work Portfolio

Course duration: Saturday 20 July-Saturday 27 July 2024

Course hours: 9.00am – 14.00pm

Cost of the Masterclass: 450 e

Registration until 08/07/2024

Registration information at

A certificate of attendance will be given.

*Courses are offered in Greek and English

Places are limited, so register now!